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Textbook Rental Information

Rental books are located in the Bookstore in  Billingsly Student Center. The textbook rental fee is $14 per credit hour per book. Textbook rental fees will be applied to your student account at the time of checkout. 

Bookstore/Rental Textbook charges will not appear on your account until the following business day.

Condition Of Textbook 

Textbook rentals allow us to reuse and recycle books. We hope that you return your rental textbook to us in a condition for someone else to reuse later. Rental textbooks will be inspected by the staff to confirm that only normal wear and tear has occurred. Torn covers, missing pages, excessive highlighting or writing, water damage, pet damage, etc. may result in additional fees - to be determined by the bookstore staff. If excessive damage has occurred, the textbook may not be accepted and the student will be charged the full purchase price of a new replacement textbook.

Refund Policy 

Decide to drop a class? Don't worry. Just return or send the rental book back through the second week of fall and spring semester, and through the first week of summer and you will get a full refund less shipping charges.

Late Fees 

If you don't return your book on time, we will automatically convert your rental into a purchase by charging you the purchase price of the book on the Tuesday following finals. Within 25 days, you are able to return the book by paying a late fee equal to the original amount of the rent paid.  1 hour course—$14, 2 hour course—$28, 3 hour course—$42,  4 hour course—$56, 5 hour course—$70  

Rental Book Return Deadline

Rental textbooks are due back before the Monday following finals. Contact us before this date if you are unable to meet the deadline at . 

Rental Returns

1. Rental books can be returned to the Bookstore in Billingsly Student Center before 4 p.m. Monday following finals.

2. Books can be placed in the book drop located behind Billingsly for after hour and weekend dropoff.

3. Books also can be mailed, but must be postmarked by the Monday following finals to:

MSSU Bookstore
3950 E. Newman Road
Joplin, MO 64801